7 Sep, 2017

How to Send SMS Text Messages

New SMS For All provides you a robust system for sending  unlimited SMS text messaging to any GSM or CDMA numbers in over 300 areas. You can send SMS / text messages from your verified account.

This article will teach you how to send single or bulk SMS text messages directly from your Newsmsforall.net account in your mobile or desktop web browser.

Stages of Sending a Text Message from Your Account.

  1. Login to your account. Register here if you don’t have a new sms for all account.
  2. Click Compose SMS. Enter your sender ID.  Recipients, and the message. The message is 159 characters per sms page.

  1. After setting the text message. Click send Message.

Benefits to SMS Text Messaging

  1. Instant Deliverability: SMS text messages are swift. It reaches your customers seconds after it’s sent. Almost 100% SMS messages sent are read, Thus, making it highly effective.
  2. Concise Information: SMS are short, not more than 160 words. This helps you create a clear and concise message. People enjoy “to the point” messages because it saves them from going through pointless information.
  3. Target Audience: SMS helps you target customers who you know are most likely to buy products. It lets you promote your business instantly by sending time sensitive information.
  4. Realtime Personalized Communication: SMS helps you create a personal communication with your customers in reltime. The one-to-one relationship you have with your customer makes your message highly reliable and has more chances of being read and acted upon.

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